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The zodiac men who give second chances to their exes

An interesting way to know if your ex could give you a second chance is through the stars. According to astrology, there are zodiac men who have greater chances of retaking a love from the past so a breakup is not a definite thing with them.

These zodiac signs are more likely to forgive mistakes especially when they have established a very strong connection with their ex-partners. They don’t get rid of love or memories easily, so with them the effort counts a lot.

They are open to listen because in their hearts they know that they too want to try again. They are capable of abandoning pride for love, however, if you betray them again, they will never return to your arms..

Based on a review of the HoroscopeMaríaRosales.com site, we tell you which zodiac men do give second chances.

Aries men belong to a very impulsive sign. They fall in love fast and can also easily get rid of sorrows. Although they do not have patience and usually end a relationship for whatever reason, they can quickly regret it..

And it is that they have the need to be with someone and keep the door open for their ex to return with them, however, not for long. If you’re slow to offer an apology and ask for a second chance, chances are he’ll shut that possibility down entirely.

They are not the kind of men who give up easily, they are persistent mainly with what matters to them. If you managed to establish a strong bond with your ex, your heart will tell you that, despite everything, you may be the one. However, they will not be the ones to take the first step, they will wait to receive the first signs.

A little wink will suffice to put aside your pride and return to your arms. However, things change if they made a mistake; They will never apologize and prefer to keep their distance.

Cancer men are the most emotional of the zodiac, which means they are prone to forgiving and giving second chances. They will be in charge of analyzing and explaining, from their perspective, why things did not work the first time so as not to make the same mistakes.

And it is not easy for them to detach from an ex, if there was important chemistry, they will always hope to return.

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