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The world’s most popular makeup products – they top the list

What is the world’s most sought-after lipstick? We get the answer in Lookfantastic’s compilation of the most popular beauty products globally – check out the products that top the list here!

Photo: Instagram @alxcext

What are the most popular beauty products in the world? Lookfantastic decided to find out in a survey. After analyzing Google searches for 30 different types of products in 2020, they came to the following conclusions:

  1. The lipstick Velvet Teddy from MAC Cosmetics was the most popular product in its category in a total of 46 countries, including the UK, China and the USA. Interestingly, MAC products hold three places in the top ten list, so this is undoubtedly a universally loved brand.
  2. The ever-chic French sisters (and the French!) seem to love mascara They’re Real Lengthening from Benefit which promises long, beautiful eyelashes. They are in good company: this mascara topped searches in 21 countries worldwide.
  3. Another product that is immensely popular globally is Dipbrow eyebrow product from Anastasia Beverly Hillswhich proved to be the preferred beauty product of its kind in 20 countries.

Check out the world’s most popular beauty products below!

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