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the wonderful village tourism in Seia

For a well-deserved rest, how about visiting Chão do Rio? A farm in Seia, 6 peculiar houses and many charms. Point in the agenda.

at Quinta do river floor, time runs at the speed of each one. Embedded in the magnificent Serra da Estrela park, it welcomes anyone looking for an escape, however briefly, from the hustle and bustle of the big cities.

The truth is that you can have a truly unusual experience there. A space with all conditions to enjoy your daily life, as we are not used to in the hustle and bustle of cities.

It is an absolutely unmissable destination for a weekend getawaywhether with friends or family.

In the Seia region, the Chão do Rio development is a world of enchantment that demands a visit.

Chão do Rio, Nature at its maximum splendor

Chão do Rio is located in the village of Travancinhajust 12 kilometers from the center of Seia and Oliveira do Hospital, which represents a journey of just 20 minutes by car.

This farm is in a privileged position to discover the highest point in mainland Portugal, as the village is close to the Serra da Estrela Natural Park.

The houses from Chão do Rio

We can find six fantastic houses in this Quinta de Chão do Rio. There are 6 and they have different names. Each house reflects a different personality. The appearance and interior decoration of each house also have different particularities.

The 6 houses are the Lark (with Provençal ambience), the riverside (jovial and fresh), the barbecue (full of natural materials), the Ridge (the furthest house), the wolf (the most mysterious…) and the house Shepherd.

The interior of one of the six houses in Chão do Rio


What these houses in Chao do Rio have in common is their ability to provide all the conditions so that anyone who enters them is enchanted.

all have properly equipped kitchenette, which allows you to ensure the pampering essential to your well-being. But there is also a dining area and a seating area to be able to eat and live in comfort.

All accommodations have private bathroom and one to balcony with terracewhich goes very well on more contemplative days, providing wonderful moments of rest and leisure.

The houses are still equipped with the technology that is indispensable nowadays (namely a CD player It is flat screen tv). It is also allowed to take pets to Quinta de Chão do Rio. There are also other spaces in common such as the pool Or the library.

House in Chão do Rio
The houses are perfectly integrated into nature.

Nature and a peculiar daily life

Houses with Nature. Is there anything better than falling asleep lulled by the sound of frogs? And waking up to the church bell? In Chão do Rio, you can find countless reasons to be happy.

You can, for example, take walks along paths with rustic and charming features or go by bicycle, while letting yourself be enchanted by the natural landscape.

And why not swinging? In Chão do Rio, you can really do what was done in other times and which, nowadays, is not so common.

Climb trees to eat fruit, watch chickens and collect their eggs; being with other animals, such as the farm’s sheep, or simply touching the old sheep rattles that are hanging from a tree are some of the activities you can participate in.

You can also take pictures next to the scarecrow, who is wearing sunglasses that make him very photogenic, and swim in the biological pool, in the company of frogs and water lilies.

Quinta do Chão do Rio provides a wonderful experience for those looking for a romantic place to be with their better half, or even for those couples who have children and want to be in a spacious and peaceful space, where the children can run and contact each other. with Nature, something essential and which, in everyday life in cities, is often forgotten.

Useful information

  • Address: Rua da Calçada Romana 6270-601, Travancinha
  • Contact number: +351 919 523 269
  • E-mail: [email protected]

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