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The woman who was allegedly abused by Dani Alves wants the Brazilian soccer player to remain in prison

Alves is accused of raping a woman in Sutton, a nightclub in Barcelona.

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The young woman who denounced the ex-Barça player Dani Alves for rape has asked the Court of Barcelona to keep the footballer in prison alleging that the risk of flight persistsgiven his high economic resources, as the owner of several companies in Spain and Brazil.

Ester García, the victim’s lawyer, has presented this Thursday a brief before the Court of Barcelona in which she opposes the appeal presented by Alves’ defense against the decision of the investigating judge of send him to pretrial detention for allegedly raping a young woman at the Sutton nightclub in Barcelona.

The letter, legal sources have specified to Efe, refutes the arguments that Alves’ defense put forward to try to demonstrate that there is no risk that the footballer escapes from the action of justice and opposes the alternative measures that he raisedincluding wearing a telematics bracelet that guarantees that it is located.

The victim’s lawyer has attached to the report sent to the Hearing documentation relating to the Brazilian companies linked to the footballer, in order to demonstrate that he has sufficient economic resources in his country of origin, In addition to the companies he manages in Spain, although he has been fired from Pumas and several brands have suspended their contracts with him.

Another reasoning of the accusation is that Alves has dual Spanish and Brazilian nationality and that there is no extradition agreement between the two countries, an argument that the examining magistrate used at the time when she agreed to send him to prison without bail.

Regarding the telematic bracelet raised by Alves’ defense, the victim’s lawyer doubts the viability of this control measure: It is a mechanism that is usually used to prevent the approach of an aggressor to his victims -which usually carry a chip that alerts the police if it detects an approach- and not to ensure that a person does not leave the country.

The lawyer also underlines in her brief that the investigation of the case is being carried out “agile and without any delay”, without the circumstances that led to his imprisonment having changed in any way, and that the measure is necessary to guarantee their presence throughout the procedure.

The writing also goes into assessing the indications that weigh on the footballer, and that they were questioned by the defense in their appeal against preventive detention.

Specifically, the lawyer Cristóbal Martell relies on the videos from the security cameras about the moments before the alleged violation, when the victim was with the cousin and her friend conversing in a “playful and festive” way with Alves and a partner in Sutton’s private room.

Subsequently, adds the defense, the recording denies that the soccer player closed the bathroom door in which the alleged rape took place, since first it is he who enters the venue and, two minutes later, the young woman does, “without Dani Alves allowing him to pass”.

On the contrary, the private prosecution considers that the cameras incriminate the footballer, whom in his opinion they show approaching the victim and her friends with obvious sexual intent and trying several approaches to the young woman from which she escapes.

In fact, in her appearance last Friday as a witness, the investigating judge offered one of the victim’s friends to denounce Alves for sexual assault, after the young woman declared that the soccer player he had touched her private parts and groped his other partner, before the alleged rape.

Once all the parties have issued their writings, the Barcelona Court must decide whether keeps Dani Alves in prisonfor which it could summon accusations and defenses to a hearing, in the presence of the person being investigated.

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