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The Winnie the Pooh Horror Movie Looks… Terrible • ENTER.CO

Remember that Winnie The Pooh was now going to be a horror movie? Well, we have the first trailer.

Those of you with a good memory for weird news will remember that a Winnie the Pooh horror movie was announced last year. And some first images of the tape that showed Pooh in the attitude of a serial killer aroused the interest of the majority. This week a first teaser for Winnie the Pooh: Blood and Honey (Winnie the Pooh: blood and honey, in Spanish) was released.

And boy is Pooh a ruthless killer. Because he killed any motivation to see the movie.

The trailer (which unfortunately is only in English and through unofficial movie preview accounts) reveals the details of the story: Christopher Robin is now a teenager who decides to return to the same forest where he met Pooh and company many years ago. . Unfortunately, the bear did not take the abandonment so well and has become a serial killer, now obsessed with killing the group of teenagers who accompanied Robin to his country house. No. Seriously this is the story of the movie.

As if the story wasn’t already scary enough, the performance of those involved ends up killing any hint of horror or curiosity. It may seem harsh… but there are moments in the trailer that are uncomfortable to watch, and it’s not precisely because of the amount of blood on the screen.

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To be fair, it was only logical to expect the movie to be terrible. The studio behind the project is a UK production company called Edge Productions that is famous for taking stories on the public record (i.e. those that can be used without paying royalty fees) and turning them into mediocre horror movies. . They don’t have to believe us. You can search ‘The Curse of Humpty Dumpty’ and ‘The Legend of Jack and Jill’ to see if we’re spouting unwarranted hate. Of course, we are not responsible if they also lose faith in the cinema.

Winnie the Pooh: Blood and Honey will arrive at… sometime, as the tape does not yet have a date. With any luck it will stay out of our theaters.

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