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The weirdest conjunction in centuries is about to happen and it will affect your zodiac sign

One of the most important astrological events of 2022 will occur this July 31. Uranus, Mars and the North Node of the Moon will conjunct in Taurus, an aspect that has never happened in our era. According to calculations from specialized sites, the last time it happened was between 300 and 180 BC and the next time it will happen will be in 2357.

Astrology is about following patterns, but as there is no record of what has caused the union of Uranus, Mars and the North Node in Taurus, what lies ahead could mean a mysteryaccording to the site La Buena Astrología.

However, something that we can expect is an awakening of destiny since Uranus is the planet of rebellion, revolution and innovation; Mars the passionate warrior who makes us act; Taurus the sign that governs values ​​and money; while the North Node, although it is not a planet or cosmic body but a calculated mathematical axis between the Sun and the Moon, is a karmic point.

Fortunately, astrology is a predictive discipline and can shed light on what awaits each of us based on our zodiac sign.

You will have to get away from material needs and pay attention to your saving habits. According to predictions from the StyleCaster.com site, spending restrictions should be imposed.

You will evolve into a more spiritual and altruistic person. People might be uncomfortable with this new evolved being, but it shouldn’t affect them. It is the opportunity to embrace your most mystical side.

The approaching conjunction will be a time of great change for Gemini. Your heart will grow and expand because of what you are willing to give without receiving anything in return. The underlying reason is to heal emotional wounds.

You will be driven to make your voice heard and embrace humanitarian causes. Don’t be surprised if you join peaceful demonstrations. It will be part of the change that today’s society is looking for, predicted the horoscope.

You will encounter changes in your professional career. He will have a desire to work harder to achieve higher goals. Your success will depend on your ability to stay focused, motivated, and disciplined.

You will learn unique and creative new ways to express yourself. Now is the time to open up to the world and venture through a distant journey.

The predictions indicate that extra amounts of money could unexpectedly come your way. You could receive an inheritance, a raise, a bonus payment, etc. When you receive it, it will be time to fulfill some whims.

You will experience a roller coaster of emotions in your circle of friends and romantic relationships. She could experience pauses, restarts and unexpected love during these days.

The wildest and most adventurous side of Sagittarius will come to light. His tendency to go against the current will become more pronounced and he will feel the need to give in to his madness.

It is a sign that takes calculated risks, however, the conjunction that will occur will encourage you to take a leap of faith and will fight against your measured approaches. You could place your bonuses in riskier profiles.

You could receive insights that will propel you to make cultural and social changes. This means that it won’t do things the way people expect it to; It is a time in your life when you need a balance.

It will give birth to an artistic or creative project that you did not have in mind and it will mean professional greatness. The key will be to lose the fear to share your ideas. As long as you believe in yourself, success is assured.

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