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The website that does the text summaries for you • ENTER.CO

For some students mathematics is the worst terror, for others the world of letters is not very good. But, the truth is that in all professional careers (and in school) there are subjects where we must read texts and make summaries. Unfortunately we are not always with the creator chip on and this type of task is a complete nightmare. Fortunately, technology has thought of those moments of little inspiration; there is a website that will do the summaries for you.

It should be clarified that the purpose of teaching this “trick” on our portal is not that all your work is done through it, because you would not really be studying. On the contrary, it is for times when you really have to resort to it due to time, mood, etc. Without further ado, the page we are talking about is ‘Parafrasist.com’; We show you what it is and how it works.

Using the website is simple, as you will find a fairly intuitive interface. Upon entering you will see a large blank box ‘Enter the text you want to summarize or paraphrase here’. Yes, as you read it; In addition to making summaries, the page can also rewrite the text through paraphrasing. Of course, you must clarify what you want to do with the information that you will paste there.


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Once you have the text you must paste it in this box. At the bottom you will see two boxes: ‘Rewrite the text (paraphrase)’ and ‘Summarize’; It will depend on what you need. Once you have checked the box you need and have pasted the text you can click ‘Next’. Once it loads you will see that the page shows you two texts; in the left column you will see the original text, in the right the summary or paraphrase. The most striking thing about the page is that it shows you underlined the parts of the text that were removed.


Likewise, if you consider that the summary that the page made for you is still too long, you can shorten it. All you have to do is select ‘Make summary smaller’ and that’s it. Now, if you want to copy the summary without the words that were removed, you just have to press the ‘Copy text without purple color’ button. Finally, as the same page mentions, you need to review the text so that it does not leave with an error.

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