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“The weather girl”, Yanet García, comes out of the pool wearing her revealing swimsuit from behind

Yanet Garcia.

Photo: Charley Gallay/Getty Images

Posing with his back to the camera and with a Tiny swimsuit that allowed you to see all your curves, yanet garcia He stole the hearts of thousands of Instagram followers.

The continuous disclosures made on social networks by the Mexican model known as “the weather girl” continue to provoke all kinds of reactions, from those who consider her one of the most beautiful celebrities today to those who say it is not necessary to teach So much for attention.

However, there are a majority of those who agree that the woman born in Monterrey, Nuevo León, has a spectacular body after several years of training and a healthy lifestyle, which is why they appreciate each publication she shares.

One of them was the one made recently through Instagram, where he appeared posing with his back to the camera, completely wet in a one piece swimsuit of thin white and red lines that helped him highlight its shapely rearbecause it was leaving the pool as it was captured on this occasion.

As has happened before, the former television presenter generated thousands of fans to send her a compliment or rate the seductive postcard with a red heart as a sign of approval, so in a few hours the publication became one of gallery favorites

But the actress, also an actress, not only enjoys showing off more with the tiny outfits, but she also knows how to attract attention with her usual photo sessions that she does while walking through the streets of New York, where she currently resides.

A sample of them was the series of images that he published in which he is seen wearing a showy coat and a black mini-dress, which he combined with some stockings that she modeled on camera; of course, she also appeared very well accompanied by her adorable pet and faithful companion.

The series of snapshots is joined by another one in which she recovered her heated style, but now to show that she is a faithful follower of the Mexican pop band RBD, who, after announcing their return to the stage with a tour in 2023, did not hesitate in sharing some images in which wore a tiny allusive outfit to the group with which she showed her shapely curves before the camera.

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