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the village crib that invites you to rest

The Historic Village of piódão, located in the Serra do Açor, in the interior of the central region of the country, is one of the most beautiful villages in the municipality of Arganil. It owes its rare beauty to the way it fits into the landscape, but also to its antiquity, unity and state of preservation of the typical shale constructions.

Classified as “Property of Public Interest” and dubbed by many as “village nativity scene”, given the way in which the shale houses are distributed around the terraces of the mountains, the village of Piódão is also famous for the friendliness of its people, for the hospitality and for the traditional flavors of the region’s gastronomy.

Piódão: historical curiosities

The pastures of Serra do Açor and its beautiful springs attracted, in the past, many shepherds – who fed their flocks there. So much so that, in medieval times, a small village was formed here which was given the name of Casas Piódam.

In this locality, a Cistercian Monastery was built in the 13th century, which is why Santa Maria is still invoked in the Igreja Matriz – one of the main attractions of the village, due to its immaculate façade – which distinguishes itself from the other buildings – and the altars carving and tiles made in Coimbra.

The story goes that the village also served as a shelter to many who, for political or legal reasons, were persecuted by the State. However, it was not just outlaws who sought shelter here.

In the 19th century, Canon Manuel Fernandes Nogueira founded a College in Piódão, which many call the Seminary, which operated between 1886 and 1906, and which brought together many young people here, creating a cultural center of great importance for the area, attracting new inhabitants.

The undiscovered treasures do not end there. In addition to the vast architectural heritage that is well worth a visit, you will also find good accommodation, restaurants offering typical dishes – washed down with good wine -, and, of course, the beautiful landscapes and the friendliness of its people leave anyone surrendered. to its charms.

The village of Piódão is one of the great attractions of the Serra do Açor

What to visit in Piódão?

Mother Church

Built in the second half of the 19th century. XVIII, this monument is a landmark of the village of Piódão. Painted white with blue friezes, the church has an immaculate appearance, which distinguishes it from the other buildings in the village. Inside, the main altar has an altarpiece in gilded woodwork, with images of Nossa Senhora da Conceição, São Miguel and São Sebastião.

St. Peter’s Chapel

More modest than the Igreja Matriz, this simple temple is located in the heart of the village and has an image of St. Peter, dating from the 16th century.

Chapel of Souls

This chapel has a wooden altarpiece of great aesthetic and historical value, which depicts a painting of the Souls in Purgatory. In the past, it was the mortuary chapel of Piódão and neighboring villages.

Algares Fountain

This small fountain with an ogival arch was built inside a schist wall, adding to the charm of the village.

threshing floor

At the top of the village there is a community threshing floor, from where you can have access to some of the best views of the Serra do Açor. This space was used for drying and threshing cereal crops.

Museum Nucleus

Located in the square Cónego Manuel Fernandes Nogueira, the Tourist Office and Museum Center of Piódão is a cultural center and, at the same time, a welcome center for visitors to Piódão. Here you can get all kinds of information about the village and visit the permanent exhibition on the way of life of the people of this historic village.

River Beach Foz d’Égua

In the middle of the Piódão stream, you will find a magnificent river beach. Its banks and the entire surrounding area are heavily wooded, offering unique leisure areas.

It is in Foz d’Égua that this space of rare beauty is located, being the meeting point of the Piódão stream with the Chãs stream, which run towards the Alvoco river and whose course is stopped by a dam creating a mirror of water . To not lose.

Fields in Piódão
The natural landscapes of Piódão are breathtaking

Where to stay in Piódão

Rosmaninho’s House

Located close to Aldeia do Xisto da Benfeita, this restored country house has three floors and the atmosphere is very welcoming.

The Arbutus

The house, located in Terras de Mondalva, is located next to the river Alva, in Praia Fluvial do Vimieiro, recently awarded the Blue Flag and in the middle of the Medronhal. The house has two bedrooms – a double bed and two single beds -, a kitchenette, a bathroom and a living room with a sofa bed.

House of Eira de Cima

Located in the village of Chão Sobral, in the middle of the Serra do Açor, this country house has a bedroom, a bathroom, kitchen, living room and a patio with barbecue. It is available all year round on an exclusive basis with breakfast included.

Where to eat in Piódão?

Restaurant Joao Brandao

With a privileged view of Serra da Estrela, the João Brandão restaurant is located in Aldeia das Dez. .

O Buke restaurant

Located in Pampilhosa da Serra, this restaurant has a large and pleasant space to enjoy typical dishes. From the hands of the young chef Flávio Silva, the menu offers kid from the Beiras, cod from couvada and trout. For dessert, enjoy the Pampilhosa da Serra bowl and flavored rice pudding. Mouth watering?

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