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The venues for the BB competition exams are announced

After a waiting period, the bank responsible for coordinating the BB contest made it possible to check the location of the test.

A contest that will be very disputed, since it has more than 1,600,000 candidates registered. For something so hotly contested, it’s good to retain some essential information about the race.

So, check out now everything you need to know to guarantee that vacancy you’ve been dreaming of and about the advantages of passing the offered exam, in case you need a good motivation to take the test with more determination. Come on!

What this article covers:

How will the BB contest test be?

The test will be applied on 09/26 and will have five hours until its end. There will be 70 questions in total, all multiple choice, in which 25 are based on basic knowledge, while the other 45 will be on specific knowledge and with an argumentative essay.

In all, there will be 4480 vacancies, 20% of which are reserved for black or brown people and 5% for people with disabilities.

Source/Reproduction: Portal BB

Due to the covid-19 pandemic, the use of a mask that covers the mouth and nose will be mandatory, and the place will be completely sanitized to avoid possible contamination. It is recommended that the candidate take gel alcohol with him, but it will also be made available there.

As expected, electronic devices such as cell phones, headphones and any other form of communication will not be allowed.

Be sure to bring your RG and check the confirmation card to avoid complications. To check the test location, just click here and fill in the fields with the data requested by the site.

What are the advantages for those who are approved?

In addition to ensuring more security for essential expenses, a good start motivates you to work harder and allows for much faster development.

The initial remuneration is approximately R$ 3,027.00 for a 30-hour week, in addition to other advantages such as meal vouchers, food baskets, earnings from the company’s profits, aid for future workers who have disabled children, among others. .

In addition to these advantages mentioned, those approved in the contest will receive preparation to assume the position and will be able to develop professionally, reaching higher levels.

With everything that was raised, it is possible to access the test site correctly and have information about the benefits that the Banco do Brasil contest will offer to those approved. That way, in order not to miss anything about the news, keep an eye on the constant updates of the site.

An excellent test for all candidates!

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