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The upcoming new moon in September will affect 4 zodiac signs the most

Intimidating and bittersweet beginnings could be experienced by 4 zodiac signs next Sunday, September 25 once the first new moon of the fall occurs, as they will be the most affected by this lunation.

Although all the new moons arrive with the energy of the beginnings, the one that will rise in the sky in a few days will be presented in Libra, a sign in charge of balance, harmony and associations, so will influence the way we connect with the world around us.

Remember that Mercury continues its retrograde cycle through Virgo, which means that the past will play a role and could lead to disagreements or challenges about how we solve a problem.

According to the StyleCaster.com site, the new moon in September will represent a turning point in the following signs of the zodiac, mainly in their relationships.

Your relationships will be coming full circle as you will feel more motivated to find meaningful connections. You will accept who the main protagonists of your life are, whether they are called friends, family, colleagues or a partner, And what role do each of them play? You will clearly notice what influence you have on them, that is, how important Aries is to such people.

This new moon will significantly affect what happens inside the home. It might inspire you to clean his house, spend a nice evening with the family, or maybe think about moving to a new place altogether. The recommendation is to listen to his heart, because intuition will be the one who guides him along the most appropriate path.

The new moon occurs in this sign, which means that all Libras will become the center of attention in their surroundings. You can take advantage of the looks to show the evolution you have had in recent months and reveal the person you have become. It’s the right time to take some extra risks.

The new moon in September will help you project an image that will significantly improve your reputation. It is the opportunity to raise your hand to occupy a better position because people will only be seeing the best of you. The new moon is positioned over your profession sector, which means that any effort will not be in vain.

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