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The UNAM Pumas involved in another nightmare: Arturo “Palermo” Ortíz would be linked to a case of sexual assault

Pumas is once again in the eye of the storm after the case of Dani Alves.

Photo: Erick Saavedra / Imago7

The Pumas de la UNAM of Mexican soccer reported this Thursday that they do not have information that their player, the defender Arturo “Palermo” Ortizhas been notified of having a complaint against him for an alleged sexual assault.

“On the occasion of the information published this day in different media in which mentions an anonymous complaint against the player Arturo Ortiz for an alleged crimethe National University Club reports that our footballer has not been notified so far about these events“, explained the cats.

This Thursday, different local media revealed that A woman filed an anonymous complaint with the Mexico City Attorney General’s Office for an alleged rape that Ortiz committed.

The person said that he went to a shopping center south of the capital of Mexico, quoted by the 30-year-old defender, who promised to give him an autograph.

After that, the soccer player took her home, where the girl was allegedly raped.

The case of Ortiz, one of the central defenders of the Pumas, joins that of Brazilian Dani Alves, released from the club for being arrested on January 20 in Barcelona, after being accused of rape a girl in a nightclub in the Catalan city.

The Pumas terminated Alves’ contract the same day he was captured by the Catalan authorities, arguing that the South American “attempted the values” of the institution.

Also, in March 2020, midfielder Marco García was suspended from the club because when he was part of the youth categories he took photos of a teacher up a skirt; García rejoined the Pumas months later and is currently part of the first team.

The cats added in the statement that although they are not aware of the existence of the complaint against Ortiz, They will remain pending and will report “in a timely manner” any news.

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