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The ultimate guide to perfect eyebrows – 10 tips for your best eyebrows ever!

We all know what a huge difference a pair of nicely shaped and made-up eyebrows can make. Here’s our ultimate guide to perfect brows, from how to find the natural arch of your brows to how to fill them in the right way.

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How to find the natural arch of your eyebrows? How do you fill in your brows so they look natural? And which products should you actually use to get the most beautiful brows? In this guide, we show you how to achieve the perfect eyebrows using ten simple tips.

1. Pick in moderation

Over-plucked eyebrows are a difficult look to pull off and it’s not certain that your eyebrows will ever recover. Stick to the natural shape of the brow and pluck hairs that are clearly outside this shape.

2. Choose the right products

The products you need for your eyebrows depend entirely on what you want to achieve. Do you need to fill in places where the hair grows sparsely? Try an eyebrow powder and an angled eyebrow brush. Do you just need to shape your brows a bit? Then maybe an eyebrow gel is enough.

3. Use short, light strokes when applying

Regardless of whether you use an angled eyebrow brush and powder or an eyebrow pencil, small, short and light strokes apply to get a natural result. Long, hard painted lines give a painted and unnatural impression.

4. Find the right point for the tip of the eyebrow

Beware of making the outer part of the eyebrow – that is, the part that goes out towards the temples – too long. This “pulls down” the facial features in an unflattering way. Where should the eyebrows end? Take a pencil and place it in a straight line from under the wing of your nose to the outer edge of your eye. Where the pencil meets your eyebrow is a good point for the tip of the brow.

5. Create a realistic bow

A strong upward bow can look good – or at worst create a surprised or angry expression. Where should the highest point of your eyebrow be? Take a pencil and place it at an angle from the bridge of your nose to the center of your eye. The pencil will now point to the natural, highest point of your eyebrow. Brush down the eyebrow hair and paint with light, short strokes an arc towards this point – follow the natural shape of the brow as closely as you can. Brush up your brows again. Clear!

6. Consider trying threading

Threading is an age-old hair removal method that’s better than waxing for several reasons: threading is better for small areas like eyebrows, works on short hairs that waxing can’t reach, and can even pull up hair that’s just under the skin. If you want to try threading, it’s best to go to a professional.

7. Soften the lines with a brow spoolie

A so-called eyebrow spoolie or brow spoolie is an eyebrow brush that looks much like a mascara brush. In addition to filling in your brows with short, light strokes (see point 4!), you can use a brow spoolie to further soften the impression. Your eyebrows will look amazingly natural!

8. Fill in sparse spots

The places where the hair grows sparsely are the easiest to fill in with either an eyebrow powder that is applied with an angled brush or an eyebrow pencil. Finish with a gel that holds the hair in place.

9. Define and lift with a concealer

A trick used to define and lift the eyebrows is to put a highlighter just below the arch – but you get a more natural result with a concealer.

10. Start painting from the highest point of the eyebrow

A tip to make your eyebrows look natural is to start from the middle, i.e. the highest point on the arch of the brow, and work your way towards the bridge of the nose. If you use an eyebrow powder, then the largest part of the product ends up at the highest point of the arch, while the innermost part of the brow gets nicely and subtly filled in. Finish by filling in the outer part of the brow – towards the temples – with light strokes.

Below you will find the products that create the most beautiful brows!

Source: Cosmopolitan

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