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The type of Cancer you are, according to your date of birth

The fact of sharing the same zodiac sign does not mean having the same cosmic personality traits. There are astrological characteristics that make the sun signs different, so people who were born from June 21 to July 21, although they are Cancer, their character is different.

There are many stellar factors that make us different. For example, Cancerians are likely to identify with some traits of the crab, but they may express their energy in different ways. What does it depend on?

An astrological concept explains why Cancers born in June are so different from Cancers born in July: the decans.

Each zodiac sign is divided into 3 decans and according to the decan where you are located, it is the energy of the planet that you will express. And it is that the signs are not only governed by a single star, they have co-ruling planets.

Decans are based on degrees. A sign spans 30 degrees on the zodiac wheel.so the first 10 degrees belong to the first decan, the second 10 to the second decan, and the third 10 to the third decan, Bustle explained.

The sun moves approximately one degree per day, this means that all June Cancers are from the first decan, while most of those born in July belong to the second and third decan.

June Cancer Characteristics

Cancers born in June have the Moon as their only ruling planet., so they express a more emotional, home and family energy. And it is that this type of crab has the pure characteristics of the sign, so they are described as sentimental, compassionate and intuitive.

As a water sign, Cancer is guided by their feelings and they experience them in a very deep way. As the Cancer of June belong only to the first decan they are more sensitive, tender and prone to get carried away by the feeling; they are more likely to be in a bad mood.

In addition, they are more motherly and caring than the average Cancer. They stand out for creating safe spaces for people they consider vulnerable, they know how to heal the pain and make anyone feel loved.

July Cancer Characteristics

Most July Cancers belong to the second and third decans, which means that they have co-ruling planets. These stars are Neptune, associated with illusions, and Pluto, which governs transformation. For this reason, these Cancers are more mysterious; they have dreamy and secret influences.

Cancer’s symbol is the crab, which means that when they feel vulnerable they protect themselves in their shell and keep everyone at a distance, except their loved ones. This characteristic is especially marked in Cancers of the third decan, that is, those born in mid-July, because they are ruled by Pluto.

July Cancers, mainly those born at the beginning of July belonging to the second decan, they are more empathic and intuitive by having the influence of Neptune. They have a more developed sixth sense, but they can become more codependent.

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