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The trick that makes your perfume last all day

Surely it would be good if perfume could continue to smell all day without us being forced to overdose? Here’s the trick to making your scent last longer—and there’s a scientific reason why it works.

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We’ve all been there: we happily apply our favorite perfume in the morning, only to realize that the scent is completely gone by lunchtime. But there is a trick to making the scent last significantly longer – and you probably already have everything you need in your bathroom cabinet!

The trick that makes the perfume last longer

One of the reasons why we often experience perfume scents disappearing quickly is that our brains tend to de-prioritize this information after a while:

“|H]iron does not use information unnecessarily, but quickly disconnects sensory experiences that do not change,” says Ulf Ellervik, professor of bioorganic chemistry at LTH. “That’s one reason why you can’t smell your own perfume after a while.”

Having said that, there is a difference between people when it comes to how long a fragrance stays on the skin: since fragrances bind to fat, it is the case that perfume sticks longer in people whose skin produces more sebum.

A trick to make the scent last all day is therefore to lubricate the skin with an oily cream before applying perfume. However, be careful not to choose a skin cream whose fragrance competes with the perfume in question – then it is better to choose a fragrance-free cream.

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