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The treatment went wrong – now she warns others about fillers in the cheeks

Fillers in the cheeks are a treatment that has become very popular in recent years – but for TikToker Georgia Fox, the result was not what she imagined. “The doctors had never seen anything like this,” she writes.

Screenshot: TikTok @georgiafox11

Georgia Fox is a TikTok profile with 92 thousand followers who goes by the username @georgiafox11 on the platform. She often shares makeup and beauty tips, but one of her most popular videos has a slightly different angle: it’s a personal story about a beauty treatment gone terribly wrong.

“Feeled like cement”

In the video – which at the time of writing has close to 223 thousand views – Georgia talks about the strange effect fillers had on her. The TikTok profile had had fillers in her cheeks for several months when the left side of her face suddenly started to look strange and swollen.

The swelling did not go down but instead worsened over the following days. On day three, Georgia sought care, whereupon she discovered that doctors had never seen a similar reaction before. She had to have her fillers dissolved in two rounds to get rid of them:

“They had never experienced such hard fillers in the ten years they performed the treatment, it felt like cement,” writes the TikToker.

Georgia calls the video “your sign to never get cheek fillers,” and it’s easy to see why. Watch the clip below!

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