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The transit of Saturn in Pisces could negatively impact some signs of the zodiac

Pessimistic ideas, a tendency to isolation and a crisis of faith, could cause the transit of the “major malefic” in the last and cold sign of the zodiac.

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From March 7, 2023 to February 14, 2026, Saturn, considered in mythology as “the greatest malefic”, will transit the sign of Pisces and it will continue to move slowly, which can have a negative impact on some representatives of the zodiac.

It is believed that this planet symbolically can cause in some people limitation, separation and isolation, but to others it will allow them to specify, organize and structure their objectives.

With respect to Pisces, is the last sign of the zodiac, mutable of water and cold, so its relationship with Saturn is not always favorable because it generates pessimistic ideas, a tendency to isolation and a crisis of faith.

Thus, During this stage, the problems that have not been solved in advance will press more insistently. and this implies taking things calmly because any outburst would make the situation worse.

Saturn confronts human beings with their reality And that often causes problems.

This way, Pisces, Virgo, Gemini and Sagittarius will receive an unfavorable influence from the planet known for the rings that surround it.

Under this situation, it is very probable that they tend to isolation and loneliness, since ties from the past will produce feelings of guilt, shame and inferiority. However, this can also be channeled as an opportunity to close cycles and look ahead to achieve internal growth if you act with maturity and discipline.

According to the concept of time, Saturn is related to the end of cycles.

In counterpart, the signs of water, Cancer and Scorpio, as well as those of Earth, Taurus and Capricorn, will be benefited by Saturn, by virtue of the hard and patient work that they have been developing for a long time focused on achieving success.

In this way, all the issues that they have linked to real estate will be positive for them.
For the rest of the signs, no effects are seen due to the transit of this planet.

It should be noted that generally Saturn’s legacy is linked to the internal improvement of the human being who is patient and humble.

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