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The transit of Mercury through Virgo will affect 4 zodiac signs more

On August 4, Mercury, the planet of communication, will enter Virgo. one of its ruling signs which means that there will be an energy that will allow us to organize ourselves mentally and in a more practical way.

The transit of Mercury in Virgo occurs in the middle of Leo seasonFor this reason, clear and direct self-expression joins this planned vibration. In the last weeks of August the planet will change signs and enter the territory of Libra. However, it will only be for a few days.

The pre-retrograde shadow of the next Mercury retrograde will begin to be felt around this time as the planet returns from Libra to Virgo in the first weeks of September.

Until then, the energy of direct Mercury in Virgo will greatly affect the next 4 signs of the zodiac.

Virgo and Mercury
Mercury is the ruling planet of Virgo. Photo: Shutterstock

The transit of Mercury for Virgo will be especially lucky for Aries. According to the Astrosage site, he could receive a raise or maybe even move up a level. The family will be one of the fundamental pillars in this period and you will spend quality time with your partner because it will strengthen your bond.

Your communication skills will improve and you will express yourself more clearly at work. During this time it is ideal to start new projects. On the other hand, the passage of Mercury through Virgo will be very positive for his personal finances, he could be interested in investing in a property. He will have a good understanding in his relationships with his partner and family.

Mercury is your ruling planet and its passage through Virgo will have equally positive effects. Your efforts will begin to have palpable successes and opportunities will begin to arrive in your professional life.. In your family life you will have a good communion and it will be a favorable moment in your finances even though there are possibilities that your expenses will increase.

The transit of Mercury through this sign will exalt its qualities. Your self-expression will improve, you will be more organized, and plans will begin to bear fruit. You may find yourself paying attention to work analyzing every detail. This energy can help you set your standards higher.

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