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“The titles would be contaminated”: this is how Manchester City fans think after the corruption scandal

Kevin Parker, general secretary of the Manchester City supporters’ group, believes that the titles achieved in recent years would be “tainted”, in case it was shown that the English team committed financial irregularities in the last decade.

This week, City has been accused by the Premier League of having incurred in more than a hundred financial irregularities, after revealing a four-year investigation in which the English competition has been involved.

Among the sanctions that can affect the team is the loss of points, sanctions against managers involved in the investigation of corruption and until relegation to the second division of English football.

Manchester City is one of the teams that has spent the most money in the transfer markets along with Chelsea and Manchester United, three Premier League teams.

“I have put my faith in this team. The club, given the opportunity to plead not guilty or guilty, has said it is innocent. whatWould I be disappointed if they are guilty? Of course, because part of my faith in what this club is doing would have been broken,” Parker said on The Sports Desk podcast.

Manchester City are currently in the second position of the table in the Premier League, 5 points, with one more game, from Arsenal which is in the first place. In the Champions League they will face Red Bull Leipzig of the Bundesliga in the round of 16.

“The day before the verdict and the day after, I will continue to be a City fan and support them,” admitted Parker, who also spoke about what will happen to City’s successes over the past decade.

“The achievements will be tainted if the club is guilty,” Parker said. “If I hope for something as a City fan, it is that this helps us to unite more. No matter what happens in the future, no one can take away those special moments that we have lived.

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