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The Titanic might not have been sunk by an iceberg

Anyone you ask about the Titanic will tell you that it sank because of an iceberg and that it marked a milestone in history.

We can’t fight nature, thoughIt seems that not everything happened as we thought on that fateful night of the sinking of the Titanic.

Apparently, new evidence has emerged through various investigations that would indicate that the iceberg was not entirely to blame for that sinking.

Researcher Senan Molony has made a documentary called The Titanic: New Evidencewhere he talks about this fact.

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Molony talks about the collision of the iceberg with the Titanic and affirms that the sinking of the ship was started by a fire.

molony has studied photographs of the time and insists that the Titanic left Southampton with a problem: a frontal and lateral weakening in the same place where the iceberg impacted.

The photographs reveal a 9-meter-high stain on the ship’s hull that would have been the result of a fire that left this entire area vulnerable. This area is exactly where the iceberg impacted that cold night in 1912.


The fire was not a secret, but it was hidden as much as possible so that the ship was inaugurated when it should.

Other researchers such as Robert Essenhigh had already studied this possibilitybut it seems that it is Molony who would confirm thanks to the photographs that the tragedy was not only the fault of the iceberg.


Doubts remain about the Titanic and we keep wondering if one day we will know the true history of this ship insignia that has become a legend because of a tragedy.

Do you think that if they had reinforced this area after the fire, the Titanic catastrophe could have been avoided?

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