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the ‘timeline’ will change • ENTER.CO

One of the most important sections of Twitter could change very soon. This is the ‘timeline’ of this social network; that section of the platform that serves to be able to see the latest updates of the accounts that a user follows; and whose configuration can be customized in three ways.

Jane Manchun Wonga developer that tends to filter Twitter previews with great precision, announced the discovery of a function that will allow the configuration of a fourth mode to change the way you see the ‘timeline’ or ‘timeline’ of an account.

As previously mentioned, the social network allows you to configure three ways of viewing this section: one determined by the Twitter algorithm, one in chronological order, and another that allows you to select a list of main topics, so that the profiles that appear in that timeline are the profiles associated with that particular group.

According to the Manchun Wong publication cited by El País, the new option will be an alternative that will allow the personalization of the users’ timeline to be carried out by third-party companies and services. This means that the user can enable (or not) the possibility that the system of other services, and not of Twitter, can recommend content related to the accounts that follow their profile.

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As is currently the case for those users who have a list of topics selected as the main one, the new option will be shown in the ‘timeline’ within a third tab. This will make it easier to switch from one timeline style to another.

According to the same medium, over time, it is believed that Twitter will allow the user to add more tabs to this section, so that they can have various types of thematic ‘timelines’ and switch between them.

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