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The three music services that give you a discount for being a student

The economic life of a student is not easy, many times you have to choose between photocopies of some subject, public transport or something light to eat; the money evaporates and making ends meet becomes a video game with hundreds of obstacles. Fortunately, some applications have sought to help students through discounts on their services. This is the case of the three music applications that we are going to tell you about at ENTER.CO. Although they are not an essential work service, life is much more pleasant with a soundtrack in the background.

Spotify Premium

Spotify, like the other two applications in this note, have a free version that is not bad… if you are not a fan of music and order. However, the premium versions have a series of quite useful possibilities, such as being able to listen to playlists in disorder, choose the song you want to listen to among countless possibilities, and download music to listen offline.

Currently, the music platform has different plans: an individual one for $14,900 Colombian pesos. The Duo plan that starts at $19,900 monthly that works precisely for two people and a Family Plan that allows up to 6 accounts for $23,900 Colombian pesos. While, for students, Spotify manages a Premium plan of $7,500 Colombian pesos per month. If you want to purchase the premium student plan you can enter here.

apple music

Apple has always been characterized by the quality of the services it offers, but also how expensive they are. Well, Apple Music is no exception. Currently, the platform has an individual plan of $16,900 Colombian pesos, a family plan of $25,900 Colombian pesos and, finally, the benefit for students that costs $8,500 Colombian pesos per month.

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The benefits that Apple Music offers are the same that Spotify has: offline music, listening in disorder (or in order), and choosing any playlist you want to listen to. To apply for student membership you can access here.

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YouTube Premium

YouTube is undoubtedly the most used music platform in the world, but, like the previous ones, it has some disadvantages. For example, if you are using the app, you will not be able to listen to music once you leave the app, only as long as you stay in it. But, if you have the possibility to pay for a Premium account, it will be much better.

You will have the benefit of listening to music offline, choosing the song you want to listen to from a playlist, even watching the videos, something that other applications do not allow you. YouTube has an individual plan for $17,900 Colombian pesos, a family plan for $26,900 pesos or a student plan for $10,490 Colombian pesos. If you want to pay for the student subscription, you can enter here.

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