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The things that a person does not tolerate their partner according to the zodiac

Above physical attraction, there are several points linked to intolerance that should be considered by people before entering into a romantic relationship.

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In any couple relationship, no matter how good its members are, there are some points that end up being unpleasant and taken to the extreme, even intolerant.

However, Some of these differences are caused by the sign that governs the fate of human beings.

Thus, The best thing to do before trying to establish a romantic relationship with someone is to discover, according to the zodiac, what is uncomfortable for them.


People ruled by this sign do not like to sit still for nothing and for this reason the most they hate in a couple is that they end up being a victim of apathy, because it frustrates them to deal with someone accustomed to using excuses to justify themselves.


He focuses on doing things well and when he thinks that he will not do it, he prefers to discard any kind of challenge before taking it on. Based on this, he is stressed by being pressured and less by a partner, because if so, he chooses to get away from her.


Because he is talkative by nature, he loves to express what he feels, even knowing that other people don’t like it. So he can’t stand a partner who is unable to convey what bothers him or what he would like to do by being by his side.


Being a very sensitive sign, Cancerians change their mood unexpectedly and do not tolerate a partner who is unable to empathize with their feelings.


Despite the fact that adrenaline flows inside them, they tend to be disciplined in their environments and do not tolerate any trait of disorder in their partners, as chaos stresses and blocks them.


Generally, these types of people tend to be independent, hardworking and lovers of perfectionism.
In this way, if a couple who is too superficial comes into their life, they do not tolerate it for a long time, because they demand to have deep conversations that provide feedback.


Defined as loving and compassionate, in a relationship they demand reciprocity, since they do not tolerate hypocrisy, in such a way that at the first manifestation of it they step aside.


It bothers them to associate with couples who do not have their word of honor, those who are capable of promising at the moment, but never paying attention to their commitments.


Due to the enormous work involved in dealing with their fears and insecurities, mystery couples do not go with their plans, as they demand the company of beings who speak directly.


Although they tend to be understanding of the problems of others, they do not tolerate couples who constantly assume the role of victims and fill them with stress instead of peace.


Because they are open and understanding individuals, they are generally doubly tolerant. However, they do not accept a partner who lacks patience.


Although they are compassionate, they never associate with bad-hearted couples, those who instead of helping a person in misfortune mock their pain without doing anything to help them.

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