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The TecnoTelevisión 2022 contest for university filmmakers returns • ENTER.CO

If you want to demonstrate your creativity as a filmmaker and you are a university student studying careers related to audiovisual production, we have the ideal contest for you. TecnoTelevisión 2022 opened its version 8 and will be receiving applications until September 2 at 5:00 in the afternoon.

This initiative proposes to recognize, highlight and motivate young university students with their creativity for the audiovisual industry. In Colombia, according to data from the Ministry of National Education, 20% of the academic offer is focused on this industry, so this university contest comes to recognize the best of creative art.

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Today, Colombia is one of the countries in the world where the Internet is consumed the most per day. According to a recent survey conducted by DANE, on average, Colombians spend 6 hours a day on the Internet. This opens up a great opportunity for the video industry as entertainment content. At the same time, university students are called upon to demonstrate their talent in this field.

For this reason, in the eighth version, TecnoTelevisión 2022, it is intended that university students make their achievements known. The videos will have to account for their skills and knowledge in the professional training process. The best thing is that the topic to apply is completely free, yes, the pieces must meet these requirements:

  • Tell a story of maximum 10 minutes in length
  • Choose the topic and genre you want to address
  • The Jury’s decisions are unappealable
  • Once the works are presented, they recognize the suitability of the jury

In addition to these considerations, the contest parameters establish other criteria such as:

  1. Be a student of institutions of higher education in the Colombian territory.
  2. The proposal submitted must not be older than one year.
  3. Each participant or group may compete with only one audiovisual product.
  4. The student who submits the audiovisual work certifies that he/she is its author or the person authorized to represent the group producing the audiovisual piece.
  5. The finalist works may be broadcast on open television or other media, with the due authorization of the filmmakers, for dissemination purposes, without profit.

The winner will be selected during the weeks from October 5 to 20, 2022. Therefore, those interested in participating must do so before September 2, filling out a format in Google Docs.

Image: Ivan Samkov at Pexels.com

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