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The technology behind the casino without an account

There is a common goal among casinos with a Swedish license to make the experience a safer and more comfortable place for the players. This includes, among other things, ensuring that registration, deposits and withdrawals flow as smoothly as possible. Casino with BankID and casino without an account ensure that you can play with the highest security. In addition, you can enjoy fast transactions. Casino without an account also means you can skip the process of creating an account.

The function of playing casino without an account made its entrance in the second half of the 2010s. By then, casinos with BankID had become increasingly common and many players had realized the advantage of verifying their identity with the trusted tool. Nowadays you can play at a casino without an account with several different players on the market. Getting started is quick and easy.

What is a casino without an account?

The concept of casino without an account is a truth with some modification. What is meant is that you can skip the process of creating an account. Instead, you go straight to making your first deposit. Because casinos that offer games without an account have payment methods like Trustly and Swish, there BankID is a vital tool, you can kill two birds with one stone.

What happens is that your first deposit on the site is also used to verify your identity. Your deposit with one of the aforementioned payment methods is signed with BankID. The recipient, i.e. the casino you play at, receives a verification that you are you, which is all that is needed.

The second your deposit goes through, an account is set up in the background. There you will find your game balance, your possible bonus balance and of course also your game history. When you then need to access your account in the future, log in with BankID.

BankID plays a big role

In many ways, BankID is the star of the function of playing casino without an account. BankID in itself is not a new tool, but made its entrance as an e-identification system in the early 2000s. It was when mobile BankID arrived that use really took off.

In 2012 came Swish, a revolutionary payment service that allowed direct transfers between private individuals. To sign the transfer, Bankid was required, then as an app in your mobile device.

BankID is today a large part of society at large. You can log in and handle matters with several large authorities, including the Swedish Tax Agency, the Social Insurance Agency, CSN and 1177. The only thing required is the six-digit pin code that you can choose yourself.

Payment methods that work with casino without an account

The function of playing casino without an account was first launched by Trustly. It is a Swedish fintech company that saw the light of day back in 2008. It didn’t take long until it became part of the casino industry. At first, smooth deposits and fast withdrawals were their main characteristics.

That is the case even today. However, it has been spiced up with the option to play without an account. In the category of payment methods that are part of the function, there are also Swish and Zimpler. All are Swedish payment solutions and indicate that Sweden is a country that is at the forefront when it comes to making the casino experience the best possible.

One of the mentioned payment methods is available at all casinos with a Swedish license. However, it is not always possible to play casino without an account. If the function is possible, it is up to each individual actor to choose. If you do not play casino without an account, you play through a quick registration with BankID.

What does the future look like for casinos without an account?

There is nothing to indicate that it will become less popular to play casino without an account. The players are actively looking for the opportunity and more and more actors are giving the players the opportunity. It is not least new casinos on the market that are able to stand out from the competition by offering direct deposits and withdrawals with Swish and BankID.

Therefore, it will be exciting to see how the market’s innovative players succeed in sharpening the function even more in the future. Already today it is possible to play wherever you are, on your computer or on mobile devices. Security is top notch, which allows players to focus entirely on the range of casino games.

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