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the technique that promises rejuvenation

Specifically indicated as a treatment for wrinkles, the phenol peeling is powerful, Experts say that it must be carried out by a medical specialist and can reach cost up to 30 thousand reais.

Dermatologists and plastic surgeons are indicated to perform the invasive and risky procedure, but which promises to rejuvenate. Want to understand more!? Then continue reading:

Illustrative image, phenol peeling. Reproduction: Google.

What is phenol peeling?

Phenol peeling is nothing more than a type of chemical peeling, indicated for total facial rejuvenation in a “natural way”. It’s not like botox that comes out in a few months, and it’s not a surgical procedure, but it is an invasive method, which requires specialist doctors and a lot of post and pre-treatment care.

How long does phenol peeling last?

It is an invasive procedure and lasts forever, that is, after it has been done there is no reversal.

How is the face after phenol peeling?

After treatment and complete healing, the skin tends to become firmer, luminous, and far from sagging. Deep wrinkles are dramatically reduced and the natural glow of the face is also common after a phenol peel.

Illustrative image, phenol peeling.

Dangers of phenol peeling

If not performed perfectly and hygienically by a specialist professional, fungal and bacterial infections may occur. Changes in skin color and texture can also occur if the procedure is not performed safely and carefully.

The application must be done in a surgical center with anesthesia and cardiac monitoring, since phenol is cardiotoxic (has a harmful effect on the action of the heart) and can cause arrhythmia and even cardiac arrest.

post-procedure is very aggressive. The patient will feel pain in the area hours after application. The next day, the face should still be swollen, as if from a severe burn. Depending on the depth (the concentration used), it starts to flake and the skin starts within 15 days.

How is the peeling done?

According to dermatologists, phenol peeling consists of applying a solution that contains phenol, croton oil, distilled water and novisol and it works like any chemical peel, done.

A chemical burn occurs on the person’s skin. According to the concentration of the components, it reaches a greater or lesser depth in the skin”, explains dermatologists.

Despite having gone viral, phenol peeling is not suitable for everyone. Nor should it be done by any professional, only by dermatologists and medical specialists. When the correct application is not respected, it can be highly dangerous and cause damage.

For whom the treatment is indicated

For people with very fair skin and many wrinkles, however, phenol peeling does not treat skin scars, for example.


Phenol peeling is a new facial rejuvenation treatment that has gone viral, however it cannot be performed by any professional. Only by expert dermatologists and plastic surgeons!

In addition, the treatment can cost almost 30,000 reais and there are still health risks, such as having a cardiorespiratory arrest when applying the product concentration.

Therefore, consult doctors who are specialists in the subject and can be trusted, research reports of patients who have already had the procedure and obtained good results, and of course, seek good references if you want to perform the procedure.

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