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The tarot card for the week of July 4 to 10, 2022

The tarot is a tool that can help you know what the future holds for this 2022. Nothing better than starting a new week with a piece of advice, advice, that clarifies or gives us light for the days to come and thus be more calm, calm, of the steps or decisions that are presented to us in the coming days.

Now, take a minute, close your eyes and take a deep breath, let a number from one to three come to your mind, when the number comes, open your eyes quietly, now look down and read what the tarot wants to advise you for this new week.

1. Three of Wands

1. Three of Wands: Don’t lose sight of your goal. Concentration and determination is something that you must take into account in order to achieve your goals. If you focus soon you will have in your hands that for which you worked so hard, if you continue to make an effort everything will materialize and will be of great satisfaction. Pay attention to everything around you, concentrating on your goals can make you lose sight of your family, friends, partner and have them in a great carelessness, but you are still in time so that there are no reproaches for your lack of attention towards them, give yourself some time these days and live together. You can have big surprises and get more than you expected in business, so do not lose sight of the goal, the profits can be much higher than you had thought. In love you are an example and your partner feels proud, proud, of the being who is by his side, values ​​​​and appreciates every achievement of yours. In health, the Three of Wands tells you to reduce stress and take care not to have anxiety about things that do not happen quickly.

2. Eight of Cups

2. Eight of Cups: It is time to focus on what you really need. You will realize that the happiness that you proclaim is not really happiness, you are going through emotional deficiencies that you have only dedicated yourself to fill with material things. It is a week to find another meaning in your life, from the spiritual to the material, you will realize that you urgently need to work within yourself. Don’t ignore the call of your soul anymore. You need to find something that really satisfies you, something that fills you up and that you feel makes you happy. A change of direction could lead you to your true life mission. in love you will feel that you need a time of reflection or that you need to be alone, alone, to take back the reins of your life, so do not let more time pass and have that talk with your partner. Your health is going through an emotional and energetic wear, it is a good time to nourish the body and exercise it.

3. Knight of Swords

3. Knight of Swords: Move, you have clear in your mind the purpose of this week, so go after that objective, whether or not you are clear about the method you have to follow to reach the goal, perhaps along the way the great idea will arise or the great plan of how to reach your goal, but if you don’t move you won’t get there as fast as you want, remember: he who doesn’t risk doesn’t win. Someone in your family or a very close friend could ask for your help to get out of a big problem, so don’t hesitate to help, because you could be the hero without intending it and they will have eternal gratitude for you and you, deep satisfaction for having helped them without hesitation. . Money that you did not even expect may come to you, a great surprise for the improvement of the economy. In love everything improves, possibilities for future growth.

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