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The tarot card for the week of July 11 to 17, 2022

The tarot is a tool that can help you know what the future holds for this 2022. Nothing better than starting a new week with a piece of advice, advice, that clarifies or gives us light for the days to come and thus be more calm, calm, of the steps or decisions that are presented to us in the coming days.

Now, take a minute, close your eyes and take a deep breath, let a number from one to three come to your mind, when the number comes, open your eyes quietly, now look down and read what the tarot wants to advise you for this new week.

1. The Judgment

1. The Judgment: You will start the week thinking about your next step, where am I going? as I go? who do I go with? But it won’t take long to answer these questions, you will quickly realize what you have to do this week to reach your goal. You will convince yourself of your decisions and you will give them march and movement as quickly as possible. At work you will feel free to do new things and use new ways, despite the criticism and the little faith they have in you, you are sure, sure, of what you do and everything will give you a positive result, the fruits they are about to mature. The time has come to embrace new things, to renew your thoughts and flow with what life teaches you. In love, do not make judgments before having a deep and very serious talk with your partner because if you do not do so, you can cause a break that is difficult to remedy. In the economy you need to be more shared, remember that money comes and goes and when you are not in this plane, you will not take anything, so share be happy and make those around you happy. Do not neglect your health, you have a medical check-up pending and this week is ideal to clear up doubts and remedy any discomfort.

2. Nine of Wands

2. Nine of Wands: Stop fighting, do not resist change, the only thing you cause in yourself is a deep exhaustion due to stubbornness and the foolishness of not flowing, of not understanding that you should no longer fight, what is more, you do not want to keep fighting, but pride wins you. It is time to prepare for something else, to seek new horizons, to embark on a different path. You are a difficult being to defeat, but that does not mean that your physical and energetic body does not deserve a break. It is time to make a list of priorities, and on that list put health, work, love, family, friends, etc. and knowing where you have to focus your energy, and not continue wasting it on bad decisions, on bad battles. At work you may have some defeat, but this does not mean that you cannot move on, you just have to give yourself a break and not continue to saturate your mind. In love you have to find the exact point for the reunion, you have neglected your relationship a lot for being immersed, immersed, in your own and selfish battles. Your health may be going through times of stress, and if you don’t attend to this, it can lead to chronic fatigue.

3. The Empress

3. The Empress: You will look radiant this week, wherever you go and where you stand you can be the center of attention, what you say will be taken into account and your forms and manners will be admired. The security with which you express yourself will open up possibilities at work, in love and in studies, there will be no obstacles that you cannot overcome this week thanks to your power. At work, you will have unexpected growth, you may have a job change, a promotion or a salary increase, and all this, thanks to your creative power. In love, if you are looking to be a mom, dad, this week you can have that great fortune and have great news. The relationship you are in now is a lasting and stable relationship, continue as you are going and do not neglect it. In health you will be full, full, of life, vitality returns to you, you stop worrying about a disease from the past and now you will only take care of strengthening yourself and not relapse again.

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