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The tarot card for the week of August 8 to 14, 2022

The tarot is a tool that can help you know what the future holds for this 2022. Nothing better than starting a new week with a piece of advice, advice, that clarifies or gives us light for the days to come and thus be more calm, calm, of the steps or decisions that are presented to us in the coming days.

Now, take a minute, close your eyes and take a deep breath, let a number from one to three come to your mind, when the number comes, open your eyes quietly, now look down and read what the tarot wants to advise you for this new week.

1. Four of Wands

1. Four of Wands: It is a very good week for a promotion at work, do not hesitate to do what is necessary to get this started now. Give each day of this week its fair appreciation, be grateful to be alive, alive, celebrate life, even if there is nothing special to celebrate, the special thing is to continue on this earth, which is a lot, the special thing is to stay healthy. Take care of your marriage, resume the details, get closer and do with your partner what made them happy at the beginning, it is a good time to understand each other again from the most intimate to the most earthly. It is a week to enjoy with family and friends, to thank all the good that has come to you with your effort, resume joy and walk with a smile for yourself and those around you. In health, nothing to worry about these days, you enjoy energy and vitality to be able to handle everything that comes your way on this new and brilliant day.

2. The Lovers

2. The Lovers: You continue to search for the balance that will take you to the next level, from the professional to the emotional. Well, don’t stop, you are very close to achieving it, the path you are on to reach this goal is the correct one. It will be a week of strong decisions, but each of them will open up new possibilities for you. You will be completely sure of your abilities, the self-esteem with which you handle yourself these days gives you harmony and confidence. You see everything full of love and from there you will live this week. These are days to strengthen couple ties, they are days to enjoy moments alone and continue being a complement. Share the money that comes to you with the people you love, it is a good time for investments that will grow and give you good results. Your health is complete, continue with those good habits that you decided to follow a long time ago and thus the good health that you enjoy will be very long.

3. The Judgment

3. The Judgment: You will be proud of having made your own decisions and being where you are because of it. The renewal of ideas that will be going through your mind this week will help you to continue growing, listen to yourself, do not shut up those thoughts that haunt your mind, they can be spectacular ideas, those thoughts can come out, great changes to continue flying to success. Do not stop to listen to foolish words or disguised envy, let no one stop the stable movement that you carry and that you are so hard to find. These are good days to renovate your home or office, a change of environment can improve the performance of whoever works for you. A change of environment and decoration in the home can strengthen the bonds of union and communication.

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