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The tarot card for the week of April 27 to 2, 2023

He tarot is a tool that can help to know what the future holds for this 2023. Nothing better than starting a new week with advice, advice, that clarifies us or gives us light for the days to come and thus be more calm, calm, of the steps or decisions that are presented to us in the coming days.

Now, take a minute, close your eyes and take a deep breath, let a number from one to three come to your mind, when the number comes, open your eyes calmly, now, look down and read what the tarot wants to advise you for this new week.

1. King of Swords

1. King of Swords: Do not let the routine win you, this week you will have to work with your square ideas and get out of there, understand that there are more things, situations, ways of thinking and ways of being in your reality, but you insist on Being conservative and foolish, you have to leave behind your phrase “it’s as I say” start working on flexibility or you will not advance further, you will slow down your progress in all aspects of your life. You are a very intelligent being endowed with great wisdom, but difficult to get out of that zone in which you have settled. Listen, stop being so rude and listen, analyze with an open mind. This week you will have to understand that if you act from love, circumstances become more noble and you advance, but if you insist on following from reason, everyone around you can start to move away, and you will start to feel very alone, alone. Do not be so demanding with your children, you can end up as a tyrant and not as a father, you can lose their confidence, you can lead them to a bad escape, which you will not like, you have time to be a mother, a father, understanding , loving and in which they can place all their trust.

2. Three of Cups

2. Three of Cups: This week is ideal to ask for marriage, to say yes to a marriage proposal, so don’t be surprised that a situation like this happens to you these days. It is an ideal day to share with friends, any excuse is perfect to meet and celebrate, even if it is just celebrating life. At work you can have several meetings where you can expose new possibilities that will be seen as a great door to the needs that must be covered there. Divinity will be present in every act that comes from the heart, so do not act out of sadness or resentment, leave those feelings behind and focus on the new. They may try to manipulate you or you may fall into blackmail, be careful or you will suffer a material loss for believing that you are doing a good deed.

3. Five of Cups

3. Five of Cups: Let nothing defeat you this week, you will want to ruin everything, you may have difficulties in terms of feeling extremely tired, tired, that you no longer want to continue fighting, that you no longer have the strength to continue pushing. Even if you are surrounded, surrounded by people who love you, from family to friends, you can feel that you are alone, alone, you have to start seeing the positive side of situations and people, here the only one who has settled in misfortune and loneliness it is you, seek to get out of there accommodate place, these days give you the chance to work without your low self-esteem and regain the security that you insist does not come to light. You want to cry, well, cry, but then wipe those tears and keep walking, life is one and that’s it. Be thankful for how much or how little you have, you have, there are people who would be happy with what you are not stopping to value.

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