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The tape “Top Gun: Maverick” becomes the most viewed on the streaming platform Paramount +

Tom Cruise.

Photo: Leon Bennett/Getty Images

“Top Gun: Maverick” is the number 1 film of 2022 in terms of box office gross worldwide, but now has managed to be the most watched film on the platform streaming Paramount+exceeding by 60% the record held by the animated film sonic the hedgehog 2.

Starring Tom Cruise the sequel to the 1986 film was available on that platform as of December 22 and last weekend it was the choice of many families for the days off for Christmas. A few days ago he received two nominations for golden globe -for Best Drama Film and Best Original Song- and it is expected that next year it will stand out in categories for the award oscar.

Paramount Pictures issued a statement about the continued acceptance of “Top Gun: Maverick”reporting that “the runaway success of this film in theaters, digital and now on streaming is undeniable proof that demonstrates the power of Paramount’s cross-platform release strategy. In all of our 2022 titles, and now with “Top Gun: Maverick”, our studio has shown the value that the streaming to increase the overall success of a film.”

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