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The Switch version of Fall Guys just sucks • Wisetrendz

This week Fall Guys finally made the jump (see what we did here?) to free games. It did this while offering the ability to play on most consoles including the Nintendo Switch. But here’s a problem: the Nintendo version of Fall Guys just sucks.

It is an opinion that is shared by the majority of the Internet and that becomes even more obvious when compared to the versions for PlayStation and Xbox.

For starters, movements on the Switch feel sluggish and ponderous. Calculating a jump is trickier because your bean doesn’t seem to move as smoothly as it should, making some jumps a game of luck rather than precision.

But it’s not only how your character looks, but other people’s as well. The Nintendo Switch version of Fall Guys seems to have more trouble following the action of other players. You’ll often see them gliding instead of running and on more than one occasion I’ve come across beans passing through solid objects like ghosts. Considering that in my PlayStation games I did not observe this problem even once I will point to my theory that the problem is in the ported version, not in some kind of hacks.

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It’s an experience, which, to be honest, gives little motivation to play on the Switch. Other games may have minor glitches, but the fluidity with which Fall Guys runs on PC, PlayStation, and Xbox makes it feel like you’re playing at a disadvantage if you decide to go with the Nintendo Switch.

Of course, Nintendo fans are used to getting the short end of the stick when it comes to ports and crossplay. However, in the case of Fall Guys, it makes installing the game on the Switch feel more like a last resort than a choice. Hopefully in the next few months the issues will be fixed when the flow of players slows down and we’re not seeing server crashes every day… but in the meantime you might be better off just downloading it to your PC.

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