The Super Moon in August 2022. What does the Red Full Moon mean?

red full moon

The night of shooting stars is not the only thing that awaits us this weekend. We can also expect a Red Full Moon. We explain what exactly this concept means and when we can expect a cosmic spectacle.

The August super moon is variously named in various parts of the world, in the media and in scientific publications. Some people consider such a phenomenon as the “Red Full Moon”, arguing their choice with the unusual color of the satellite. Natives of North America prefer the term “Full Sturgeons”, pointing to the abundance of this fish during this period, and still others refer to the moon by their crops by saying “Full Green Corn” or “Full Grain”. However, they all mean one phenomenon. So what is behind each of these names?

Super moon 2022. What does it mean? When will it occur?

A super moon is the common name for a satellite that appears to be larger than usual and sometimes even takes on a particular color. The apparent difference in size is due to the elliptical movement of the moon, which is closer to our planet at such times. The phenomenon is therefore cyclical and occurs on average once every few months. The moon then appears by approx. 14 percent. “Bigger” and by 30 percent. “Brighter” than during the normal full moon. Observations of the sky do not have to be done using a telescope – the satellite should be visible to the naked eye, especially if there is no cloud cover and we go outside the city.

The Red Full Moon takes its name from the color of the satellite that is expected to appear in the summer fog. However, this does not mean that the supermoon will definitely “redden”. The phenomenon will appear in all its glory tonight, from Thursday to Friday, at 3:36. What’s more, the cosmic spectacle will be complemented by a rain of falling stars, i.e. meteors from the Perseid swarm, which are also a cyclical event. However, the aforementioned phenomenon will reach its climax the next night, i.e. from Friday to Saturday. Unfortunately, it is possible that the supermoon will slightly obscure the falling meteors due to its intense glow.

Red Full Moon – how to prepare for observations?

The Red Full Moon will not occur until the morning, so it is worth getting ready for all-night observations. Remember to take care of your safety, i.e. choose the right location for viewing the sky – preferably in a place that we know and know that there will be no threat from animals or passing cars. The wildlife in the forests should also not be disturbed. It is necessary to take warm clothes with you, as it can be chilly at night, as well as drinks and snacks to enjoy a similar show. Some also recommend insect repellants.