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The summer of 2022 will be terrible for 3 zodiac signs: they will have disappointments

From the 21st of June, the Cancer energy will gradually settle until the 21st of July. This season marks the beginning of summer and some signs will feel it more negatively than others. This Cancer season invites us to rediscover willpower and creativity. Cancer energy also drives us to heal after months of battles, it’s time to heal our wounds. For this, this cycle is ideal for turning to introspection, listening to your emotions and taking the time to find an alignment between the body and the heart. This period is conducive to self-sacrifice and love.

However, some zodiac signs will feel the low energies of this Cancer energy and will experience some disappointments during this time.

Which zodiac signs will be disappointed this summer 2022?

this season of Cancer will not have the same effects on everyone the zodiac signs. In fact, after healing their wounds, the zodiac signs will have only one wish, and that is to enjoy the joys of life. They will reconnect with their creativity and talents. But some zodiac signs will find it difficult and have a hard time accepting certain things. They will experience some disappointments, but luckily for the natives of these signs, they will only last for the summer.


Aries has a lot of plans for this summer of 2022, but the planets will not always be favorable to this Fire sign. In fact, during this Cancer season, Aries will have a hard time focusing on a single goal, which could keep him from moving in the right direction. They will find it difficult to leave past wounds behind to move forward on the right path. By dint of fighting his old demons and memories, Aries will be disappointed and upset during this time because he won’t be able to achieve all of his goals. They must remain vigilant and not fall into melancholy.


Leos will encounter some obstacles during this Cancer season. Their summer is likely to be turbulent, with some difficulties that could hold them back. They will want to make changes and transformations in their life, but they will feel limited by certain emotional blocks that will impose limits on them. It is important for them to take a step back from their situation to have a new perception of things. However, they run the risk of being disappointed in their partner’s behavior, which may not live up to their emotional expectations.


Capricorns are likely to experience romantic disappointment during this Cancer season. Your partner may not respond favorably to one of your requests and natives of this sign will not feel appreciated for their fair value. Capricorns can also find blocks in their work environment and feel out of place. Representatives of this earth sign will have to start an introspection to review their goals and find out what they really want to do in their professional life. Capricorns are going to feel very lonely this summer and won’t be open to meeting new people. They must be careful not to fall into its snares and not to withdraw to themselves. For fear of letting me down again, they may even end some relationships so they don’t feel upset with a friend.

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