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The subscription with Netflix ads will not have access to the entire catalog • ENTER.CO

Although Netflix announced its new strategy to attract more users through the “cheapest” subscription with advertising, few details have been revealed about it … until now. On July 19, during the delivery of its financial report, the platform revealed that they plan to launch the service early next year.

At the moment, the company did not speak of a specific date, but we can get used to the idea that, in the first quarter of 2023, we will know the new Netflix plans. However, the company argued that the plans that will arrive next year will not replace any of the current plans. That is to say, it will be as we thought a month ago, the “economic” plans will be like any other membership to enter the service. The difference is that these will be focused on an audience that does not want or can pay for a more expensive service.

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“Our ad-supported lower price offer will complement our existing plans, which will remain ad-free,” Netflix stresses. Said like this, you will not have to worry about switching to one of the new plans, since you will be able to choose between the one you have active right now and the new ones. However, the ads are not the least liked part of the new strategy.

Netflix also announced that those users who pay for one of the subscription plans with ads will not have access to the entire catalog of the platform. The company argued that the productions that will not be available in this mode will be those that are part of other studios that do not want to belong to the subscription with ads. In return, all the productions that are properly from Netflix will be available without any problem. The truth is that the streaming platform expects to add more subscribers with the new plans, after the report for the second quarter showed a drop of almost one million users.

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