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The style mistake most people make with mom jeans

The stylish and comfortable mom jeans are some of the most popular styles right now, but they’re not always easy to style. Here, a TikToker shows the mistake that many people make with this type of jeans.

Photo: Instagram/TikTok @officialmacrose

We live in the era of roomy jeans and mom jeans are one of the models that many people currently choose over tight jeans. This type of jeans can be difficult to style because they are not tight, while also not being overly large.

The mistake many make with mom jeans

One of those who have noted the problem of creating a balanced outfit with mom jeans is TikToker Mac Rose, who goes by the username @officialmacrose on the platform.

In a video, she tells her more than 500,000 followers that mom jeans in combination with a slightly loose-fitting top easily create a slightly unbalanced impression, as both garments land somewhere between tight and roomy.

She proposes two different solutions to the problem:

  1. Instead, combine the jeans with a tighter top.
  2. Replace the mom jeans with a pair of oversized jeans and define the waist with a belt.

Regardless of which solution you choose, the result will be an outfit that looks more well thought out. Check out Mac Rose’s video below!

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