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The strategy that turns you into a pro at writing lists and actually executing them

For many, spring is usually a time for a fresh start, but it can also mean a lot more to do, both at work and in your free time. A good way to keep track of what to do can be to write lists, but sometimes it’s hard to follow them and make sure to actually get things done. Here we list the points that can help you get a handle on how to write a list that will be easier to follow.

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The key to writing a good list is to keep track of your priorities, but we must also not forget to make sure that the lists are feasible. Because how easy it is to write lists that end up making everything feel overwhelming? One strategy you can use is the 1-3-5 method, which involves making a list of nine points every day. The points are then prioritized by selecting a point that will receive the greatest focus during the day. The next step is to select three medium-important points to focus on and then five less important tasks to be done very last. Here are the steps you can follow to make your own 1-3-5 list:

1. Important

It is important to have the big goal of the day clear to you and a tip is to write it down to make sure it is clear enough. When you have formulated the goal, it can be good to leave room to be able to write down the sub-goals required to achieve the goal.

2. Medium-important

The next step is to write down the three medium-important tasks that you will focus on next. If you could not manage all these points in one day, you can leave them for future days. If you find it difficult to find tasks that feel medium-important, then just move on to the next step.

3. Less important

These items are usually quite easy to prioritize, as they are small tasks that you usually tackle at the end of the day. However, be sure to get the points done before moving onto the next list to make sure you don’t just pile them up.

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