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Thanks to the latest installment of Stranger Things, the series has positioned itself as one of the most viewed in Netflix history. To reach such success, the Duffer brothers, creators of the series, have commented in various interviews that they were based on “Ghostbusters” or “ET”; However, it is not the main reference, because behind the scripts there is a conspiracy that has intrigued the United States for years.

In 1992 Preston B. Nichols and Peter Moon wrote a science fiction book called ‘The Montauk Project: experiments in time’. The story includes first-person testimonies from a young man who disappeared in Mountak, a community in New York between the 70s and 80s. ‘The Mountak Project’ describes a series of journeys through time that the young protagonist undertakes.

However, the most shocking thing about the book is that Nichols, one of the authors, stated that the story was based on memories of his own experiences, which, according to him, he remembered much later. At that time, several people reported beginning to remember being in the same situation as Nichols. When the author gave these statements, the story took on much more force, to the point that the inhabitants of the United States began to generate theories about it; They even accused the country’s government of being responsible for what happened.

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But the outburst was not only generated by the book. In the 1980s, rumors began to surface about secret human experimentation in a camp called ‘Camp Hero’ by the American government; and ‘The Montauk Project: experiments in time’ arrived to reinforce the theories. Although, the theories never materialized and remained only as rumours.

So far there is nothing else that confirms or refutes such theories, so what is written in the book remains attached to the reader’s conclusions. The truth is that the writers of ‘Stranger things’ were mainly based on this conspiracy book to give life to eleven and the entire gang that fight against Vecna.

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