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The spirit animal that rules your zodiac sign: what is it and what does it mean?

Due to their functions in nature and their way of surviving, animals have a meaning in the cycle of life, which, represents a spiritual symbolism for those who know how to understand his message. For example, the dog is associated with fidelity and loyalty, the ant with hard work and persistence, etc.

Each of us has a spirit animal that guides and protects us along the path of life. Its energy reveals to us in which areas we are strongest and how we can overcome daily difficulties.

One of the ways to know what our spiritual animal is is told by astrology. Each zodiac sign is ruled by a creature of nature. where we can go for guidance. According to astrologer Susan Taylor of Astrofame, this is the one that corresponds to your zodiac sign.

Aries – Falcon

It symbolizes spiritual growth and enlightenment, so this sign can travel towards self-discovery and personal development.

Taurus – Beaver

It is the symbol of determination, family and community. They live in large groups and work to build and keep their shelter safe. The beaver also symbolizes resourcefulness, adaptability, and cooperation.

It represents sweetness, grace and innocence. These animals are in tune with their surroundings and endow Gemini with agility, speed, curiosity, and exploration.

Cancer – Woodpecker

Woodpeckers spend most of their lives pecking trees in search of food, this persistence projects Cancer to be determined and focused on what they want.

Leo – Salmon

These fish are characterized by going against the current in a way that symbolizes spiritual rebirth and renewal. This sign is told to pay attention to your inner voice and trust your instincts.

The bear means power, strength and courage. These animals protect his territory and his family with their majesty, with the same fierceness, Virgo can defend himself, his plans and his loved ones.

Libra – Raven

Ravens are known to thrive in a wide variety of environments, adapting and finding ways to survive. Therefore, Libra brings wisdom, insight and adaptability.

One of the most formidable characteristics of the snake is shedding its skin and the stealthy way of subsisting. For this reason, Scorpio is a sign that can be reborn and evolve easily, overcome fears and trustworthy to keep secrets.

An owl is a bird with large expressive eyes, which is why it is associated with the ability to see and analyze. In Sagittarius projects wisdom, hunger for knowledge and the ability to move from one place to another with stealth.

Geese are birds known for creating strong bonds with their peers and the ability to work in a group. That is why they are a symbol of commitment, loyalty, responsibility and focus on a common goal.

Otters are known to be curious and playful little animals, often seen exploring their environment. In Aquarius they bring balance in your life, joy and research.

Wolves hunt together, travel in packs, and defend themselves fiercely. They symbolize strength and loyalty, so in Pisces they are projected on their empathy and the ability to work for a common project.

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