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the spectacular Turkish region not to be missed

Its natural and cultural wealth brings to cappadocia visitors from the four corners of the world.

Famous for its breathtaking landscapes, underground cities, unusual rock formations, its unique cuisine and, of course, its balloon rides, the region is capable of taking the breath away of even the most experienced of travellers.

Located in Central Anatolia, Turkey, 700 kilometers from Istanbul and 300 from the capital Ankara, Cappadocia had intense volcanic activity in the past, which contributed to the unique scenery of the region.

These unusual rock formations that we can visit today are also the result of human handwork. They were home to ancient civilizations and Christians, in the Middle Ages, who carved houses and churches into the rocks.

Cappadocia: the must-see attractions

Hot air balloons are the biggest tourist attraction in cappadocia. However, the region is rich in tourist attractions, thanks to the historical and cultural heritage left by the people who inhabited it, which cannot be missed when visiting the region.

hot air balloon ride

Surely the first activity that comes to mind when you think of Cappadocia are balloon rides. The photographs, with dozens of balloons coloring the sky, are authentic postcards and attract thousands of visitors to the region.

To take this tour it is necessary to wake up early, as the tours take place with the sunrise. The flight begins at low altitude, flying over rock formations, in a scenario where the vibrant colors of the balloons contrast with the warm colors of the sun.

The balloon reaches an altitude of 1000 meters, offering a panoramic view over Cappadocia and its cities.

The tour lasts approximately 50 minutes.

Goreme Open Air Museum

The small town of Goreme, the tourist heart of Cappadocia, is home to the Goreme Open Air Museumcreated to preserve and present the local history.

Considered a World Heritage Site by UNESCO, this open-air museum features some of the largest rock-cut churches in the region.

Thanks to the meticulous work of the monks, many still preserve frescoes with bright colors, such as blue and red, which were easily obtained in the region. These churches served to instruct and catechize the local population, through these drawings and frescoes.

Inside the park you will also find numerous conical rocks that served as dwellings for the population.

Hot air balloon rides are one of the great attractions of Cappadocia

underground cities

Cappadocia served as a shelter for many Christians who were sheltering at a time when Christianity was not yet a well-regarded religion. Its full acceptance only happened in the Empire of Constantine, and in order to protect themselves against persecution, Christians were forced to live in hiding.

It is currently possible to visit about 37 underground cities, such as Kaymakli, one of the largest, and Derinkuyu, one of the deepest, but it is estimated that there are many more.

Derinkuyu stretches 8 kilometers long and 85 meters deep underground, and is made up of 600 doors connecting huge rooms, chambers and facilities.

Kaymakli, on the other hand, has eight levels below ground, but only four are open to visitors.

love valley

love valley is a well-known valley in Cappadocia, next to Goreme, which attracts thousands of visitors for the view it offers and for its unusual rock composition.

Its rock formations, known as fairy chimneys, in phallic shape, were at the origin of the name.

From this place it is possible to admire the landscape of other valleys and mountains in the region.

red valley

Another very popular valley in the region for the view it offers over Cappadocia is the Red Valley.

Due to volcanic erosion and the layers of lava, it has different reddish tones, which makes it much visited at sunset, when it camouflages itself in the landscape.

cave hotels

Cave hotels offer rooms inside the rocks, so you can feel like the ancient inhabitants of Cappadocia, and are an authentic experience.

In a rustic style, they have little furniture and a very minimalist decoration, but they are not recommended if you suffer from breathing problems.

Monastery of Selime

If you are a Star Wars fan, be sure to visit the Selime Monastery, which served as inspiration for some scenes in the film.

Considered the largest religious building in Cappadocia, the monastery has a two-story structure and is made up of several churches carved into the rock, many of which still preserve their frescoes.

During the Mongol attacks on Anatolia the cathedral was turned into a fortress, hence the monastery is also known as Selime Castle.

Full of tradition, culture and natural beauty, Cappadocia is unlikely to exceed your expectations.

Visit and fall in love with this unique and magical place!

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