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The Spanish voice of the Philadelphia Eagles, Óscar Budejen, trusts his team’s options and is ready to give the Super Bowl a Latino touch (Video)

Oscar Budejen and Rickie Ricardo The voices of the Philadelphia Eagles in Spanish.

Photo: Oscar Burdejen / Courtesy

The week before the Super Bowl is usually loaded with many preparations and surprises for the great sporting event and that is why since The opinion we are giving coverage to the events from the place of the facts.

Óscar Budejen, the Spanish voice of the Eagles, spoke exclusively with Ricardo López-Juárez and told him about his expectations for the game and the confidence that his team ends up taking the trophy.

It should be remembered that Super Bowl LVII will be held on February 12 at State Farm Stadium in Glendale, Arizona between the Philadelphia Eagles and the Kansas City Chiefs.

For two years, Óscar Budejen has been the Spanish voice of the Philadelphia Eagles and the Philadelphia Phillies, this year has been a dream since in the middle of four months he has been able to experience the emotions of the World Series and now the Super Bowl.

For Óscar Budejen, the Eagles’ chances are very clear, because he believes that his team has better weapons both defensively and offensively.

Óscar Budejen’s path to becoming the Spanish voice of the Phillies and Eagles

Budejen was born in Venezuela but has lived in the United States for decades, with extensive experience in corporate affairs for major brands such as Coca Cola or Procter & Gamble., became the voice of the Eagles and Phillies two years ago and declares himself a fan of both franchises equally. His passion for sports finally led him to dedicate himself to what he is so passionate about.

In the last four months we have had the opportunity to go to the World Series and later to the Super Bowl, we cannot ask for more“Budejen commented on the latest sporting events that the city of Philadelphia has staged.

Asked about the most special moment that he has had to narrate within the Philadelphia franchises, he is very clear about it. “I think it was Harper’s home run against San Diego to go to the World Series, a memorable home run after trailing; Realmuto reached base and Harper hit the home run that put the Phillies in the World Series“.

Storytelling with a Latino twist at the Super Bowl

Regarding the possibility of having some narration prepared in case the Philadelphia Eagles win the Super Bowl title next Sunday, his answer was clear and he affirmed that all the emotions come from his heart and that is why the game will have that latin touch.

I let the emotions drive the game and I am guided by the public to communicate that same passion and energy to the fan.“, he indicated. “We as Latinos love that everything comes from the heart and one tries to communicate that in the narration“, he concluded.

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