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The soccer player who programs video games • ENTER.CO

Duvan Rodelo changed the guayos for the code, in a curious way, to fulfill one of his great dreams: to be a professional soccer player.

It was March 2020. Duvan Rodelo was ready to travel to Austria and play in a third division soccer league. He was looking forward to having the luck of being in a European team of his favorite sport. As a child, the first gift that he wanted with all his heart was a ball and from that moment he dreamed of being a professional soccer player.

At 22 years old, he would be about to achieve his most cherished wishes, but due to economic impediments, he could not embark on his trip. Discouraged, he knew that he did not want to continue with a Food Engineering degree. So he looked for alternatives and started a new path, video game programming turned out to be an interesting option because he was a fan of them. Holberton, a Software academy was the course he chose to have a promising future and achieve his dream. In this academy he could train without paying until he got a salary. A more than perfect option for a young person with economic difficulties.

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Upon entering the academy, he found an environment that immediately attracted him, a community that was willing to help him learn. This community was essential for Duvan to become a programmer. Since he started he asked the different colleagues from the other locations what they thought of the school, as well as doubts about programming, he met people from Bogotá, Cali, Medellín, Peru, Uruguay, San Francisco, among other parts of the world. . Asking also allowed him to program an action video game, Holberton Senior Developers advised him. (See project: https://youtu.be/QcOaBFo1in8).

When his study period at Holberton ended, Duvan began an active job search. It was not an easy task, but two months after finishing his studies, he quickly started working at Killasoft, a company where he programs video games. One of the companies to which he applied but did not stay was Riot Games, where world-renowned video games such as League of Legends have been developed.

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And the football? It is still his passion. He longs to be a professional in this field and be a programmer at the same time. One of the results of Holberton’s software programming for Duvan is financial strength and he is now saving up to try again in an international league in the near future.“This year I want to acquire experience in programming to apply to Riot Games or to companies located in the United States and Canada where there are soccer leagues in which I can have the possibility of entering. Those are my long-term goals.”

To date, Duvan enjoys the benefits of being part of a community like Holberton, in which mutual support among alumni to grow professionally usually takes the form of job offers and group support on issues related to software engineering, in addition to personal growth. to have friends with a high cultural diversity. His dreams are intact. The path he chose is bearing fruit and now he only has to trust that he will be able to program and play soccer simultaneously.

Images: Holberton

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