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The singer Maren Morris defends Meghan Markle after the premiere of the documentary on the Dukes of Sussex

Maren Morris said she has a “moderate fascination” with the monarchy and the “royals”.

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The documentary series of Netflix “Harry & Meghan” that shows the life of the Duke and Duchess of Sussex has received mixed reviews, and although many people disapprove of certain actions of Meghan Markle -How to give details to your husband (prince harry) of the curtsey he made to the queen Isabel II-, others have been in favor of the former actress, such is the case of the singer of country maren morris.

In a video he posted on his account TikTok Morris stated that, Although she has not seen the series, she dislikes the rejection that exists towards Markle: “This deep hatred and annoyance specifically for Meghan Markle, mainly coming from women, I must say, is incomprehensible to me. People say, ‘Oh, a woman should never separate a man from his family.’ Have you seen this family? Now, I don’t know those people, and neither do you, but I have a mild fascination with monarchy and royalty. But I don’t understand this very specific hatred towards Meghan herself. Just no”.

The 32-year-old artist proceeded to reinforce her views with examples from other royals.: “All this feels very marked in a woman, as it almost always has in history… (Princess Margaret) did not leave the family, but I wish she had. Apart from Diana, the story of Princess Margaret is one of the saddest… And if we talk about Princess Di, she did not leave her children, but she did leave the family”. The final three episodes of “Harry & Meghan” will be available in Netflix as of December 15.

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