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The singer Edwin Luna recorded a new musical theme accompanied by his little daughters

Edwin Luna, lead singer of The Trakalosa of Monterreypresented a new song from his repertoire, which he recorded with the voices of his daughters Dasha and Gianna.

The objective is to involve his family in his musical projects from the theme titled I know you love me.

It should be noted that, in one of the stanzas, the little ones express to their father together with him and their mother, things will be better.

“It is something that my girls have been asking me for a few years, but Gianna is very young and the words were not understood. However, at the age of four she can be heard well, so we recorded it, ”she indicated.

This way, The next objective of the singer from Monterrey is to go into the studio to now record with his firstborn, the fruit of his marriage to Erika Monclova, in 2011.

“Son, remember that you have always been, are and will be such a great love in my life. I have never stopped thinking about you and wanting to be close, sometimes the immaturity of the adults who love you so much and who want the best for you cannot reach an agreement. But times change, and today things are different, we grow, learn and mature over the years,” said the vocalist.

Although Luna did not want to delve into the subject, the news leaked that her group will launch a collaboration with an important artist from Mexico and internationally, which belongs to the Sony Music label.

“Thank God it has been a very blessed year, we have had a lot of work, the songs have been placed very well… Happy for everything. I think it is a very good year for the trakalosa and we hope that the next one is the same or better“, he emphasized.

Questioned about the statements of his ex-partner Alma Cero, where the actress describes him as a violent man, Edwin limited himself to saying that he will soon give his version.

“There will be a moment where I give my statement. It is not the time because now I am enjoying a wonderful end of the year with my children, Christmas, New Year. At some point I will, ”she concluded.

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