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The Simpsons will soon reveal how they can ‘guess’ the future • ENTER.CO

In recent years one of the most popular memes is ‘The Simpsons predicted it’. From the presidency of Donald Trump, to COVID-19, it seems that the series has more ability to see the future than the biblical prophets. And now the series wants to acknowledge this joke with the announcement that the next season will finally reveal the reason why the show is able to guess what will happen.

In an interview with Deadline, Matt Selman (current showrunner of the show) gave a glimpse of what’s coming for the series, naming some of the guests it will have (for example, Simu Liu, protagonist of Marvel’s Shang-Chi). But in addition to this, he revealed that there is a conceptual episode that aims to answer the most popular question / meme of the show.

“It’s a concept episode with a lot of crazy stuff,” he added. “But [ofrece] An explanation of how The Simpsons can predict the future.

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Of course, the fact that The Simpsons can tell the future is something much less magical than it seems. The series has been on television for more than three decades with a total of 728 episodes broadcast. With this number of chapters, the one that eventually sticks to an event with a story is not so much the ability to see the future, as the result of having 700 stories from which to draw comparisons.

This hasn’t stopped some people from becoming obsessed with the ‘The Simpsons Predicted It’ meme. At ENTER.CO we remember that time during the pandemic in which a company even offered a job opportunity to marathon all the episodes of the show to try to find new prediction opportunities by looking at the plot of the more than 700 episodes.

In the end the explanation seems quite simple:

“A sorcerer did it.”

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