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The Simpsons themed birthday decoration: photos, tips

THE decoration for a children’s party It is very important and must be planned very carefully. Some tips for choosing the best theme is to consider the personality and age of the child. Another important tip is not to mix proposals and strictly follow a single theme.

All sweets must respect the theme of the party. (Photo: publicity)

Most children end up choosing cartoon characters as the main component of the event. Using one of the craziest families on television as a birthday party theme can be a really fun idea. check out The Simpsons themed birthday decorating tips and photos🇧🇷

What this article covers:

Tips for decorating a The Simpsons themed party

  • The first point to be planned is the invitation. It is not difficult to create montages on the computer with images of the Simpsons and the birthday boy.
  • The sweets table is a wild card in decoration, as it is a smart way to fill the spaces and make the environment much more attractive. The most efficient way to decorate the tables is to bet on dolls, which can be made of Styrofoam. All you have to do is look for images with good resolution on the internet, print them in good quality, stick them on Styrofoam sheets and cut them out with the aid of a stylus.
  • The walls can be decorated with images that refer to the theme, such as donuts, saxophones and pictures of characters. A large “Congratulations” banner, printed in yellow, which is the theme color of the design, is also a good idea.

    Personalized souvenirs are a show. (Photo: publicity)

  • The decoration of each guest’s table is another important point for the success of the party. Fun picture frames like donuts, skateboards, or saxophones are good ideas. Tablecloths can be both white and yellow.
  • The party can have a menu, with snacks with thematic names, such as “Margie’s Meatballs”, “Bart’s Burgers” or “Lisa’s Lemonade”.
  • O birthday cake it blends in perfectly with the decor if it is made in the shape of a giant donut. All sweets must follow the theme, whether in the colors of the candy or the packaging or in their formats.
  • To amuse the little ones, it is possible to invent games like “The Simpsons Contest”, where the person who best imitates one of the characters wins, or the “Rope Dance”, in which participants must pass under the rope using Margie’s wig.
  • Dressing up the birthday person as one of the characters is a really cool idea and will guarantee a good laugh.

Betting on “The Simpsons” theme, like decoration for children’s birthday party it’s a pretty fun idea. With a little creativity, you can prepare incredible parties without spending too much. Those who don’t have free time can also go to the decorative item stores for events and buy all the necessary items.

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