They say that deep down we all keep some evil, let’s say for special occasions. It is like that, it does not mean that you go through life with the intention of hurting, but neither are you going to stay with your arms crossed watching them make fun of you. That’s how it is, zodiac signs can be very mean, but only if they hurt them. This is the world, where the decorations are left aside and you discover that living is not rosy. A lot of times it’s just about win or win.


It is better that you think twice if someone intends to hurt you, because when you propose it you do not touch your heart and the fire that you carry inside speaks for you. Your temperament really does not want to listen to arguments, the only thing you want to make clear is that nobody messes with you and you are capable of manipulating the situation without lifting a single finger. You’re just used to getting what you want.


If you wish, you become danger in the blink of an eye. Usually, you analyze the pros and cons of everything, but… there are those who become a stone in the shoe and that’s when your courage is present. You hate that they want to comment on your actionsit fills you with rage to realize that there are people who say they love you, but in reality they are waiting for you to make the slightest mistake to make fun of your misfortune.


The power of the word, without a doubt, that is your most dangerous weapon and I am speaking very seriously. You have an impressive ability to determine the weaknesses of the person who is bothering you and just when they least expect it, you hit them where it hurts the most. It’s funny, because you get closer in a very sweet and even funny way, a tactic that has led you to bring tears to your enemies.


The reason why they shouldn’t hurt you is simple, you don’t forget easily and a grudge is one of your favorite companions. You like to keep your sanity, but your sentimental side rarely understands that and just gets carried away. You are intense, changeable and it is very difficult for someone to try to shut you up, because it shows even in the way you look. Cancer, youYour expression goes beyond words and your gestures also hurt.


As they say out there, for good you are an angel, but the person who dares to awaken your demons, has to prepare for the worst because if they light the fuse you turn off until you decide. Really, you let your negative emotions flow and in the moment you are capable of executing revenges that mark for life. For the people you love you would do anything, so you better not harm them or they will know you.


Fortunately, the stars gave you a side full of calm, the one that decides what is right and what is wrong. You’re not the kind of sign to get your hands dirty over people who aren’t worth your time. However, you set limits and your coldness knocks anyone down. You are too lazy to deal with the conflict, you are of a single word, but that is enough for them to get away from you, You are not going to tell them twice to leave you alone, if they don’t, prepare for the consequences.


Although it seems that when you get angry, you explode, the reality is that you control your emotions very well in the most critical moments of your life. Poundyou are a sign that does not support hypocrisy, dealing with people who do not keep their word or ethics, is the least you want. Behind your angelic face hides a wild side, the one that doesn’t ask anyone’s permission and the one that is capable of hiding the heart.


You like relationships in which loyalty is not in doubt, the last thing you want is to waste time with people who are full of guilt and who only seek to manipulate you because their traumas are not well healed. However, you are not going to justify their bad actions and you are going to show them that you also have a Machiavellian side and it is better that they do not turn on the button because they will cry.


Of course, your heart is sweet and relaxed, so much so that cruel people have the cynicism to come into your life as if nothing had happened and trample on your feelings. However, you are not always patient, there are times when your anger speaks for you and you have an incredible speed to lower the ego of any negative person from the cloud. When you blow up, they better run away.


Capricornwith you there are no grays, you do not have time or the need to be living with abusive people who the only thing that brings to your life are concerns and criticism that you clearly do not ask for. You are very determined, you hate giving second chances, it can seem that you will not do anything about it, but from one moment to another everything changes and danger guides your actions. Let them be careful!


People usually assume that you are not one to fight, it is true, you prefer tranquility than putting your dignity at stake by arguing with people who are not even capable of loving themselves. You are a simple sign, you do not like to get involved in gossip or lies, but that does not mean that you are going to become the emotional sack of people. Setting limits is your thing, you do it in a subtle way and get those people out of your life.


Who would have thought that behind that tender, sweet, daring and sensitive face, there is also a hidden soul that, when annoyed, turns into an active volcano. The truth is that you prefer to hide what your heart feels and face evil head on. Let it be clear, you are not the bad guy in the movie, you are that person, but if he looks for you he will find you and will end up asking you for forgiveness on his knees.

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