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The season’s stylish white jeans – a versatile addition to the wardrobe

A pair of white jeans is a must in every wardrobe. We guide you on how to style this useful garment this spring and summer!

Photo: Instagram @alyssainthecity/@fakerstrom

Fresh, white jeans are one of the basic items that can really lift the wardrobe.

Contrary to what many may think, you don’t have to wait until summer to wear white jeans – in slightly colder weather, this garment looks as good as any in combination with a light beige jumper or a striped knit sweater.

You can also wear them with a black top and matching jacket, like Dawn Tan’s stylish outfit below.

Photo: Instagram @dawn.tan

For summer, only your imagination sets limits on how you style your white jeans! Try wearing them with a casual t-shirt – stripes are always nice – or a nice tank top.

A summery shirt à la Emilie Lindmark also works well. If you choose an all-white shirt, you can create contrast in the outfit by adding brown or beige details in the form of a bag or a pair of sandals.

Keen to test the ideas above? Below we list the best-looking white jeans that can be clicked home right now!

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