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The ‘School of Super Heroes’ from ‘The Boys’ • ENTER.CO

The idea of ​​a school of heroes is not new. After all, as a concept a place where future legends and protectors of the world are formed. From Disney’s School of Super Heroes, to Shonen Jump’s My Hero Academia. So it was obvious that the universe of The Boys would also have its own version of a school… but what happens when the setting is a world where ‘Aquaman participates in an orgy of heroes having sex with an octopus’? This is ‘Gen V’.

Amazon has confirmed the title of its spinoff series that will take place in the universe of The Boys and will tell the stories of the ‘new generation of heroes’ in the only university exclusively for superheroes (of course, run by Vought International). Of course, knowing the kind of people who end up making teams like The Seven, we can be sure that instead of a ‘School of Super Heroes’ college story, the Netflix show will be much closer to The Games of the Year. Hunger.

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The game mainly features a cast of new actors, and details about its story have been kept under wraps for now. In this link you can watch the Gen V presentation video and, by the way, get to know some of the faces like Chance Perdomo, Shelley Conn, Maddie Phillips, London Thor, Derek Luh, Asa Germann, Patrick Schwarzenegger, Sean Patrick Thomas, and Marco Pigossi who They will make part of the series. The show started production only until this year and for now there is no premiere date.

We also don’t know if the show will have any relation to the events of The Boys or even be chronologically located in the same time. It is most likely considering that Seven on 7 with Cameron Coleman (a fictional show that is part of the universe of The Boys) has made mention of this school on several occasions.

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