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The Sand Ceremony, a ritual adopted by couples to always be together

When two human beings decide to unite their lives voluntarily through a rite, both do so thinking of being together for the rest of their days. However, With the passage of time, not all relationships forge as desired and there are cases in which separations arise, sometimes healthy and in certain cases painful.

So that this does not happen and with the objective that the lives of two souls remain hand in hand in the face of any setback that may arise, there is a ritual through which the union is symbolically sealed even more and it is known as the Sand Ceremony.

Regardless of the rite in which a couple is married, this practice can be carried out as a climax.

ancient tradition

Actually, There is no certainty about the origin of this ritual, but it is linked to two ceremonies at different times and points in the world.

The first has to do with an ancient Hebrew tradition called the pact of salt, which was carried out in the time of the patriarch Abraham and was a recurring practice to seal agreements, friendships and contracts.

Each one of the parties involved in the arrangement contributed a sack of salt and when establishing an agreement they simultaneously emptied the sodium chloride, in such a way that whoever later tried to separate it would find it impossible. So the covenants were actually lifelong covenants.

Besides, the Sand Ceremony is also related to ancient Hawaiian beach weddings. In such cases, the union of the spouses was sealed with sand in a similar way to how it was done with salt.

Retaken in the current era, the practice of this ceremony aims at the same objective, that is, it is impossible to separate the union of two beings who initially marry for love.

The ritual, step by step

Couples convinced that ritual can help them live in harmony require three transparent glass cylinders, one of them with twice the capacity or more than the others. Even, They can be personalized with a photograph of the spouses and their respective names.

In addition, Prior to the start of the ritual, the sea sand of each member of the couple must be placed in a separate container, leaving the third and double size empty, since the content of the other two will be poured into it.

It should be noted that this ritual usually takes place after the exchange of rings and vows.

Immediately afterwards, the couple pours their respective sands into the chosen container at the same time. It is then that the fine grains of sand will mix and they will never be able to separate like the contracting parties, as the universe demands it.

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